Specialty Services

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crankshaftSCrank Shaft Balancing

We balance crank shafts electronically in house and polish all journals.  If required, we machine re-chrome and re-harden crank shafts.

cylinderbluSSuper-flow Flow Bench & Cylinder Head Centre

Cylinder heads completely rebuilt, ported and polished and flow tested on our Super Flow Bench.

dynometerSLand & Sea Dynamometer

Engines dyno tested on our in-house LAND & SEA dynamometer with computer dyno sheets to back up results.  Here we can break the engine in, check air flow and carb settings, timing, and many other settings.  This almost makes your new engine a plug and play.  If necessary we can arrange a chassis dyno session once your engine is installed.


  We will sit with you and discuss your needs, your wishes and your budget – then supply a written estimate.